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About Us

Femme’s = Female's Capsule = Wardrobe's Medicine.

That’s what we have in mind when we branded Femme’s Capsule!
Femme’s Capsule is a modern fashion brand born in Singapore with a philosophy to produce collections that are chic and elegant for the modern women who are strong, independent, decisive and capable; One that approaches her life with a unique touch of casualness, sophistication, and style.

Over here at Femme’s Capsule we value versatility and comfort without compromising on style at affordable prices. Our mission is to become your fashion’s medicine that brings a little happiness into every woman's life and wardrobe.

Your wardrobe is piling up and messy but you still have nothing to wear? We feel you! So get ready, set and shop!

You will never have a messy wardrobe dilemma ever again.